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the correction method of tensile testing machine

1.tensile testing machine (tensile testing machine)power value correction: after entering the computer program to open the calibration interface, according to the Test start, take a standard weight hanging on The jig connecting seat, record the computer display power value, and calculate the difference between the standard weight weight, the error should not exceed±1%.

2.speed correction for tensile testing machine

2.1 first record the initial position of the machine cross arm, select the speed value on the control panel (using the standard straight steel ruler to measure the cross arm stroke).


tensile testing machine


2.2 starter at the same time electronic stopwatch start time of one minute, stopwatch arrival time at the same time press the machine stop button, according to the stopwatch time, record cross arm travel value is the rate per minute (mm/min), observe the cross arm travel value and the difference between the straight ruler,and calculate the cross arm travel error.
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