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The world first-class environment testing equipment

The world first-class environment testing equipment in daya bay petrochemical area monitoring center enable

Air test results real-time foreign "live"

Yang cheng evening news) in daya bay, huizhou huizhou petrochemical area environmental monitoring center yesterday formally put into use, the center has the world first-class environment detection equipment, realize the air quality testing real-time through the LED screen to the public "live", establish early warning mechanism and the government, enterprise linkage.

According to daya bay environmental protection bureau party secretary WangXiangRong introduction, the center set environment monitoring, environmental monitoring and environmental publicity and education functions in one, with faint and chromatography mass spectrometry instrument, ion chromatograph, the methane total hydrocarbon meter, atomic absorption spectrophotometer and three sets of environmental air quality automatic monitoring system at home and abroad, such as advanced environmental protection equipment, with water, air, soil, noise, such as vehicle exhaust 108 project monitoring ability, it can basically meet the daily supervision environment monitoring requirements.

In the monitoring center four floor, daya bay petrochemical area atmospheric characteristics factor automatic monitoring system is running.

As we have learned, this system is guangdong province first petrochemical characteristics factor automatic monitoring station, put into operation in October 2007. The station of the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy import equipment,? In the central control room through the software system can realize the real-time monitoring of the fruit stand and data management, and through the outdoor LED display for the public release main characteristic factor monitoring results. The system through the provincial quality supervision and acceptance of the system and long-term monitoring. According to the station monitoring data display, daya bay petrochemical area so2, no2, co, ozone and particulates conventional factor perennial meet the national "ambient air quality standard" secondary standard requirements.

According to daya bay relevant controller introduces, daya bay has set up complete early warning mechanism, once the air abnormal, will be duly issued relevant information, start emergency measures. 

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