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tensile testing machine need how to prevent rat bite

The tensile testing machine in a long time no use, then again to use the wire was found to be a mouse bitten, this is not a good reason for the rodent control measures, the following small series and we explain how to prevent tensile testing machine line was bitten? The following:

When installing the tensile testing machine laid power lines, as long as the conditions permit, try to tensile testing machine wires laid in the wire or cable tray in the groove, or the line buried in the wall, thus reducing the chance of direct contact with the rat wire, to prevent the rat bite into the wire.

tensile testing machine wire slot, cable tray, distribution cabinets, all kinds of electrical appliances into the line of holes to block tight, to prevent the mouse drilling, once the drilling to find a way out or if inside the home, the mouse will be random biting tensile testing machine cable. tensile testing machine distribution cabinet and a variety of large appliances usually after maintenance, be sure to block the door cover in time.

In order to prevent the mouse into the dense cable sites, you can set the block rat board in all pedestrian access and ventilation vent track. After the staff through, Be sure to block the rat board and then close in time.
tensile testing machine
tensile testing machine cables do not cross with another pipeline layout, not along the wall foot layout, to prevent rats can easily reach or climb the pipeline, to bite the wire to provide possible opportunities.

Windows and doors and vents, etc. can be installed rat screen to prevent rats from entering the line-intensive indoors. For outdoor lines, if conditions permit, you can also to the tensile testing machine cable line dedicated rodent, or use armored cable laying line.

tensile testing machine near the power line as far as possible not to waste or debris, to prevent the mouse in the pipeline next to the Home, increase the risk of bite wire; do not throw leftovers and food waste, to prevent a large number of mice to attract foraging, lead wire damage.

Usually, to strengthen the rodent work, not only Wire sites to rodent, a lot of time is likely to be near the mouse ran, therefore, the cable near the place to rodent. A variety of methods to catch the squirrel cage, mousetrap clip, sticky rat board, rat poison, electronic rodent control and other comprehensive use of the rat suffer from serious wire line at, to use a variety of mousetrap equipment surrounded by a protective net, so that the mouse came out.

For rats repeatedly snapped at the tensile testing machine cable, you can apply a mouse or self-adhesive on the cable, the mouse is also covered with adhesive on the foothold. Rats often break through the wall of the hole and into the hole in the cable testing machine, if you can not plug, in the hole and its surrounding painted stickers.
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