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How to solve the positive and negative errors of the tensile testing machine

tensile testing machine is a non-metallic materials mechanics study important equipment, but the tensile testing machine has a variety of models, different tensile testing machine can meet different measurement needs.But whether it is a type of non-metallic tensile testing machine, there will be errors in the measurement, so people will go through several experiments to finalize the precise value.
  Using several experiments, the error rate of the measured values can be avoided, thereby reducing its error. But in the measurement process, often there will be a positive and negative difference. If the tensile testing machine has a positive or negative difference during the measurement, How can I fix it? The technical staff of Yangzhou xintianhui will introduce the positive and negative error solutions of the tensile testing machine in detail.
  1, tensile testing machine in the test, the test machine shows the value of positive and negative error occurs when the general test machine shows the value and the corresponding standard Force value is corrected.However, it should be noted that artificial correction should not be too arbitrary, but to be corrected according to the actual situation.
  2, when the error is negative when the error, and is linear. First, when the test, should write down the actual error value of each test point, and then measuring the calibration time again, the standard Force value of each calibration point is the standard Force value minus the actual error value, you can adjust it. For example: when the standard Force is 200KN, the error is -4.2 KN, in the calibration, when the display is 195. 8KN, it is necessary to confirm the key, enter the value.
  tensile testing machine
  3, when the value of the error is positive when the error, and linear.The use of negative error mode, when the calibration, the standard Force value of each calibration point on the standard Force value becomes taste plus the actual error value, and then enter, you can adjust it.
  4, if the value of the error, whether it is positive or negative error when the error is not linear, the need to use the above calibration, and then the conventional method calibration, you can adjust it.
  In fact, tensile testing machine measurement error occurs as long as it is more than a few, no matter what kind of can be adjusted, and finally get the exact value.If you are in the measurement time, encounter any of the above error problem, you can use this method to solve.However, in the measurement time still need to pay attention to record data, do not ignore the details.
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