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softening point temperature tester functions and applications

softening point temperature tester is used to determine heating deflection and Vicat softening temperature of the plastic, rubber etc. It is essential instrument for R&D institution, college, and QA department of enterprises. Moreover, the sample holders have function of up and down. But this machine cannot connect with computer. 

The Automatic Softening Point Apparatus features a microprocessor-based controller, an automatic load ball applicator, two optical detectors, and two test positions for measuring the softening point of bitumens, waxes, and other solid to semi-solid products. The instrument maintains program sequences for both water and glycerin bath tests as well as a user-defined program. A low-mass heating device along with the microprocessor-controlled stirring device and Pt-100 sensor maintain the proper bath heating rate as prescribed by the test method. The dual independent optical detection system provides accurate and precise measurement of the softening point for up to two individual samples without operator intervention. The backlit LCD display shows the expected softening point as entered by the operator and the actual bath temperature during the test for both positions. The test results can be exported through the interface. For added safety, the integrated safety device interrupts power if an overtemperature situation occurs.
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