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Maintenance tips for Electron universal tester

First, Electron universal tester maintenance and maintenance of the host:
1, the machine with the fixture should be coated with anti-rust oil storage.
2, due to the hydraulic electrode universal tester jaws are often used, easy to wear, too much oxide, easily lead to small piston damage oil spill, so the jaws should be cleaned regularly, keep clean (after each finish cleaning test).
3, Insert the sliding surface of the steel plate in contact with the liner, dovetail surface on the liner should be kept clean, regularly coated with a thin layer of MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide) grease.
4, regularly check the jaw parts of the screw, such as the discovery of loose, timely tightening.

5, regularly check the Sprocket drive, if found to be loose, please re-tensioning the tension wheel.

Electron universal tester

Second, Electron universal tester maintenance and technical control system maintenance:
1, regularly check the controller on the rear panel of the cable is in good contact, if loose, should be timely fastening.
2, after the test, if there is a longer period of time without the machine, turn off the controller and computer.
3, the interface controller is one to one, plug the wrong interface may cause damage to the equipment.
4, plug the interface on the controller must turn off the controller power.
Third, Electron universal tester maintenance and technical maintenance of the oil source:
1, regular inspection of the host and the oil source at the place if there is oil leakage, such as the discovery of oil leakage, should be the timely replacement of the sealing ring or combination pad.
2, according to the use of the machine and the use of oil period, regularly replace the suction filter and filter, replace the hydraulic oil.
3, for a long time without doing the Test, pay attention to turn off the host power. If the machine is in standby mode, the Switch should hit the "load" file, because if the switch hit the”rewind " file, the solenoid valve has been energized, it will affect the life of the device.
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