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Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

How to choose Hydrostatic Pressure Tester
Different users have different needs for the Hydrostatic Pressure Tester, such as cold. Many users, especially users who first chose cold Hydrostatic Pressure Tester, face many difficulties in terms of technical parameters, production efficiency, and investment limits. Simply refer to the same industry users for procurement, but also easily lead to large-scale use, or can not fully meet the requirements of the new process, or the ratio of input and output imbalance.
How to select the appropriate Hydrostatic Pressure Tester for your own needs, the following points need to be considered:
First, the choice of compact cylinder size:
Hydrostatic Pressure Tester
1, Cold and Hydrostatic Pressure Tester press cylinder is a cylindrical container, the choice of its loading diameter and height dimension is particularly critical;
2, the choice of loading diameter, need to consider:
A, must be greater than the maximum size of a single pressed product compact (including mold);
B. Because of the size of the pressing cylinder, the impact on the equipment cost is great, and the layout, quantity, and production efficiency of single-diameter blanks (including dies) in the radial direction must be comprehensively taken into consideration;
C、Consider the green space of the billet.
3, the choice of loading height, need to consider:
A, must be greater than the maximum size of a single pressed product compact (including mold);
B. Since the height of the pressing cylinder is compared with the diameter, the impact on the cost of the equipment is limited. The number of layers placed on the blank (including the mold) and the best production efficiency are the key considerations.
C. Whether the height space of the factory building satisfies the lifting requirements of the hanging bar;
D. Select pit or ground installation.
Second, the choice of the highest working pressure:
1. The maximum working pressure has a great influence on the equipment cost, and the pressure is too high, which can easily lead to high production costs, relative low production efficiency and increased investment.
2, first determine the working pressure of the required suppression products; can be determined through experiments or the use of mature technology;
3. Select the maximum working pressure of the equipment, which should be higher than the product working pressure 20~50MPa;
4. When a large variety of product sizes and working pressures differ greatly, consideration should be given to selecting equipment of different specifications.
Third, to meet the requirements of the suppression process:
1. The products of different materials have different requirements for pressing process (pressure-time curve); the equipment must have the function to satisfy its corresponding process;
2. With the development of technology, the current Hydrostatic Pressure Tester equipment such as cold can meet the following pressing process requirements:
A, standard compression curve
B. Standard ratio pressure relief curve
C, variable speed boost - full scale pressure relief curve
3. When the equipment is selected, the technical personnel of the enterprise shall communicate with the manufacturer to ensure the best process and efficiency.
Fourth, maintenance costs considerations:
1. The single-medium structure, with the same specifications, has a large loading space, but the maintenance cost is high during use, and requires higher maintenance personnel;
2. Dual-media structure, with the same specification, the loading space is small, but the maintenance cost is low in use;
3, to suppress ceramics, metallurgy, refractory and other high hardness materials, poor maintenance power, should try to choose dual-media structure.
Fifth, consider investment and output ratio.

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