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How to use the pendulum Falling Mass Impact Tester

Turn on the power and turn the twist switch on the manual control box to the “on” position. First press “swing” to confirm that the pendulum rotates in the clockwise direction. Then follow the “Computer Software User's Guide” to open the calculation screen. The Mass Impact Tester control program performs the following operations.

(1) Click on the "Pick" icon

Turn on the motor and electromagnetic clutch, the pendulum lifts counterclockwise, and when it reaches the highest position, it hits the travel switch, the motor stops, the electromagnetic clutch is de-energized, and the fuse pin is at the same time. According to the national standard GB/T229-1994 "Metal Charpy Notched Impact Test Method", the sample is correctly placed.

(2) Click the “Return” icon and the insurance will be returned.

(3) Click the “Impact” icon to turn on the solenoid valve to achieve the impact of the fall. After the impact, the computer and the electromagnetic clutch are connected by the computer control, and the pendulum is automatically hung to prepare for the next impact.

(4) Click on the "putting" icon

The insurance pin is returned and the pendulum slowly falls back to the vertical position and then stops automatically.


Falling Mass Impact Tester

Note on the use of the pendulum Falling Mass Impact Tester:

1. This machine can choose 300-joule pendulum or 150-joule pendulum. When replacing the pendulum, you need to unscrew the spindle end compression nut first, then use the disassembler to loosen the pendulum to be replaced, and replace the pendulum required. Hammer and retighten the spindle end compression nut.

2, pendulum type Falling Mass Impact Tester hammer hook and pendulum mechanism contact length should be about 3-4mm is appropriate (factory has been adjusted, the user does not have to make adjustments). If you need to adjust, move the position of the hook.

3. The selected energy level should be consistent with the pendulum used by the equipment.

4. The distance between the two pieces of the electromagnetic clutch is 1-2mm. It has been adjusted at the factory. The unit of use does not have to be adjusted.

5. The bearings at both ends of the shaft have been refueled at the factory, and the unit does not need to be refueled. After repair and cleaning, add 1 or 2 drops of sewing machine oil or watch oil. The rest of the dynamic bearings are Vaseline or butter.

6. When the pendulum has not been hung on the hanging mechanism during the swinging process, the staff must not move or work within the swinging range of the pendulum to avoid the danger of accidental power failure.

7. After the test is finished, press and hold the put button to release the pendulum to the vertical position, loosely open the swing button, cut off the power supply.
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