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Electron Universal Tester becomes flexible

“We have found that most clients want a simple, stable product which can send data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis,” says zhongshi of chinese manufacturers . “Expensive software packages which perform functions most clients do not need are becoming a thing of the past.”

Chinese manufacturers represents , which recently introduced a new portable instrument for measuring overall appearance. The Electron Universal Tester is a spectrophotometer that measures color specular included and gloss at 60 degrees at the same time. The Electron Tensile testing machine unit uses LED light sources and a patented calibration procedure. This combination, says zhongshi, provides an instrument with the lowest instrument-to-instrument error and the best repeatability of any portable on the market.  software package permits downloading to Excel.
Electron Universal Tester
 Zhongshi Electron Universal Tester  has also developed spectrophotometers and colorimeters based on LED technology, which it says contributes to low-cost, rugged and dependable portable color instruments. For first time users, the PCM model is easy to set up and operate as a stand-alone instrument, yet experienced users can have a high level of data control and flexibility.

Packing more into a portable Testing machines aim to be simple, yet flexible
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