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A method for resisting the hydrostatic testing machine

Geomembrane hydrostatic pressure tester test method:

The geomembrane hydrostatic pressure tester mainly measures the permeability of nonwoven geotextiles and geosynthetic materials.

Technical Parameters:

1, measuring range: 0 ~ 4.0MPa

2. Resolution: 0.05 MPa

3. An inner diameter of the water collector: 200mm

4, perforated plate through hole diameter: 3 ± 0.05mm

5, perforated plate through hole spacing: 6mm

Hydrostatic Pressure Tester Test Method:

The hydraulic pressure difference on both sides is increased step by step and maintained for a certain period of time. When the seepage flow increases rapidly, it indicates that the sample is damaged, that is, the hydrostatic pressure value is obtained.
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