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how much is the pressure of pe pipe testing machine

PE pipe testing machine pressure value requirements specification requirements:
5.6.1 cold water pipe test pressure, should be designed for the pipe system working pressure of 1. 5 times, but not less than 1. 0Mpa, time less than 1 hour.
5.6.2 hot water pipe test pressure, should be designed for the pipe system working pressure of 2. 0 times, but not less than 1. 5Mpa, time less than 1 hour.
5.6.3 the pipeline pressure test shall comply with the following requirements::
1. Hot (electric) fused pipe connection, should be completed in the interface more than 24 hours after the water pressure test, a water pressure test of the total length of the pipe should not be greater than 500m;
2. pe pipe testing machine before the water pressure test, the pipe should be firmly fixed and reliable, the joint shall be exposed, in addition to the valve, the branch pipe end is not connected to the sanitary ware its water distribution;

3. Pressure should be a hand pump, pump pressure measuring pressure gauge should be installed at the bottom of the pipe system of the lowest point (not the lowest point should be converted geometric height of the pressure value), pressure gauge accuracy should be 0. 01 Mpa;

pe pipe testing machine

4. After the pipe is filled with water, the first discharge pipe Air, block each exhaust outlet, watertight check; 5. Slow Boost, Boost time should not be less than 10min, rose to a predetermined test pressure (within 30min, allowing up to 2 times the pressure test pressure), the regulator 1h, the test should be no leakage, test pressure drop shall not exceed 0. 06Mpa;
6. Working pressure in the design of 1. 15 times the state, the regulator 2h, The pressure drop shall not exceed 0. 03Mpa, while checking found no leakage, water pressure test is qualified.
5.6.4 buried in the floor layer and the wall of the pipeline, pressure test work must be carried out before the surface layer of pouring or blocking, after reaching the pressure test requirements, civil engineering construction can continue. A pressure test can be divided into branch or sub-floor but must be qualified.
Note: when the system strength test pressure, does not include water equipment, such as faucets, floating ball valve, pressure test these with metal insert joints, pe pipe testing machine available pressure plastic plug temporary closure. Also note that when loading and unloading, do not force too much, so as not to damage the threaded fittings, causing leakage at the junction. When the tightness test, should be the faucets and other water equipment installed on all, in order to check the reliability of the entire system.
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