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What affects the longevity of Plastics Testing Equipment

Plastics Testing Equipment
as a high-precision testing equipment, in the purchase must check the internal configuration of Plastics Testing Equipment, the internal configuration directly affects the life of Plastics Testing Equipment itself, in many cases, Plastics Testing Equipment is damaged by a certain part of the parts of the results of Plastics Testing Equipment can not operate.
  The stiffness of the host, the host is able to withstand the maximum, the same tonnage looks very small do not buy, after a period of time will be deformed, directly abandoned, did not achieve the effect, so the choice must be careful to remember.Is the ball screw,ball screw is the key to Plastics Testing Equipment, because of its equipment can run up, it plays a role in the transmission, if you buy it must be sure to be the ball screw, not trapezoidal screw.Motor, there are a lot of people choose the domestic motor, mainly cheap, but the quality and accuracy is not as good as the imported motor, so this point you must remember, the motor must be imported servo motor, because this motor in the detection equipment reputation and quality is good.
 Plastics Testing Equipment
  Fixture, in fact, the fixture does not have to use hydraulic, unless you Plastics Testing Equipment measuring the weight of the sample is particularly large, because it is not good for manual operation, and manual fixture is different, relatively easy to use, the operation is more reliable, so the current fixture industry selling is manual fixture, the equipment is more user-friendly.
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