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Tensile Testing Machines Factory

Tensile Testing Machines.Tensile tests are typically conducted on electromechanical or universal testing machines, are simple to perform, and are fully standardized.

Tensile Testing Machines:

Tensile test machines, also known as tension test machines, tensile tester or pull tester, are universal testing machines specially configured to evaluate the tensile strength of specimens. Our tensile testers will measure characteristics such as ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and modulus. 

How does a tensile testing machine work?

A material is gripped at both ends by an apparatus, which slowly pulls lengthwise on the piece until it fractures. The pulling force is called a load, which is plotted against the material length change, or displacement. The load is converted to a stress value and the displacement is converted to a strain value.

Tensile Testing Machines Use:

Tensile tester or tensile testing machine is used to determine the strength and deformation behavior of a material up to the point of fracture. Choosing the right tensile testing machine depends on the material to be tested and the standard(s) that must be followed.

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