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Pe pipe testing machine

Pe pipe testing machine
The PE pipe composition has become a topic of discussion for modern people. PE pipe, now widely used, has gradually expanded the demand for PE pipe composition testing. For the pipe test, the pe pipe testing machine is required to measure the melt flow rate, including heat distortion. From the perspective of the project, the longitudinal shrinkage of the pipe is used to detect the stiffness of the pipe ring as well as the tensile strength. All of them are PE pipes. Composition testing. The test pipe is the national standard or the successful pipe or calcium pipe.
Pe pipe testing machine
According to the pipe on the PE pipe, we can comprehensively judge from the appearance size, density, temperature, micro-card softening temperature, dichloromethane impregnation and so on. The inspection standard is that the inner and outer walls of the pipe should be smooth, and there must be no air bubbles, cracks, and obvious traces, depressions, uneven color and discoloration lines, and the average outer diameter and wall thickness.
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