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Introduction to plastic attribute codes

Maybe you are familiar with all kinds of plastic English abbreviations; maybe you are familiar with the various properties of plastic; and maybe you can judge the type of plastic just by "looking and asking." But what are HM, FR and LO, do you know? In fact, HM, FR and NC, respectively, on behalf of high modulus, flame retardant and qualities, these are plastic properties and color attributes of a code. Especially in the plastic modification, the experimental report or the physical properties of the table will often be used to!

plastic attribute codes

So how much do you know about these plastic property codes?

Plastic properties code

Different plastics and even the same plastic modified materials have different properties, the modified industry usually use different labels to distinguish. Therefore, the meaning of the label contains the properties of this material. According to the attributes of professionals, it can be speculated that the use of plastic.

Code  Attribute meaning 
 LF  Low melting value
 MF  Medium melting value
 HF  High melting value
 LI  Low impact
 MI  Medium impact
 HI  High impact

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