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Installation of Electron universal tester requires attention to detail

Electron universal tester function type diversification, so the application field is also different, the function used in different fields, and equipment to show the performance are different, so the safety of the equipment itself is very important, so this equipment in the installation of the time need to pay attention to what content? We look at the following introduction.

  What you need to pay attention to when you install Electron universal tester

  First of all, the equipment needs to be installed in a clean, dry, no vibration, and the indoor temperature in twenty degrees to ten degrees room, but also to do a good job in the beam bending test, the test can also be used when the extensometer; installation of equipment around the need to leave enough space. The main body of the device and the dynamometer, to the device in the concrete above, the size of the foundation to be based on the shape and the foundation map rules, leaving the screw and screw holes under the jaw and other wire devices used in pipelines and other installations.


Electron universal tester



  Secondly, on the basis of the plane must be very smooth, when looking for the need to use a horizontal ruler, when the installation base after drying, can be installed on the test machine, the body and dynamometer were transported to the concrete, according to the needs of the appearance and ground map to adjust, in the adjustment of the division to ensure

  In addition, when the installation can also be inserted into the body with some small iron and dynamometer below and alignment, the main body during the initial alignment of the time can be in two different positions on the vertical and horizontal columns, using room level to measure, then you can use a square level against the outer surface of the cylinder vertical

  Finally, after the Electron universal tester equipment after the initial alignment accuracy, to turn on the tubing, power supply and then stop the initial operation after filling the oil, the initial operation is smooth, in the accuracy of the equipment to stop alignment. Alignment of the division with a square degree of demand on the instrument working platform, alignment cylinder plumb, adjust or increase or decrease its base below the Horn, the error control in a certain range of them.
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