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Hydrostatic pressure testing machine parameter introduction

Hydrostatic pressure testing machine parameter introduction
In order to ensure the safe operation of pipelines, containers, pipe fittings and other products to ensure reliable strength and sealing performance, hydrostatic pressure testing  machine is generally performed at a pressure higher than the working pressure (according to the regulations, it can be 1.25 or 1.5 times the working pressure). Machine test. The data was collected using a pressure sensor and an electronic balance. The electronic balance was placed separately, pneumatically pressurized and manually controlled.
hydrostatic pressure testing
Test method: Hydraulic pressure test outside the scope of application: Cylinder, gas cylinder, pipe fittings and other verification pressure 0 ~ 69MPa Size ≥ Ф228mmX838mm Calibration error is less than ± 1% Maintenance-free pressure pump, the maximum working pressure ≥ 86 MPa Stainless steel high pressure valve, Working pressure ≥ 250MPa Stainless steel water jacket, height ≥ 1050mm, internal flange ≥ 340mm Upper flange thickness ≥ 17mm Water jacket diameter ≥ 500mm Cover thickness ≥ 19mm Stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant console panel and platen

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