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Hydrostatic Pressure Tester Manufacturer

Hydrostatic Pressure Tester Manufacturer Introduction
HTM series type A hydrostatic and burst testing machine features compact structure design and simple to use. It is specifically used for time-to-failure test of plastic pipe under constant internal pressure, and for test of resistance to short-time hydraulic pressure of plastic pipe, tubing, and fittings. 
Max pressure: 10Mpa, 16Mpa, 20Mpa

GB/T 6111, GB/T 15560, GB/T 18997.1, 
GB/T 18997.2, ISO1167, EN921, 
ASTM F1335, ASTM D1598
New feature
Leakage judge
Rupture identification
Overpressure protection
No-water protection
Automatic test saving when power off
Continuous test after power recovery
Test curve explore
Calibration function
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