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Anti-blocking Performance Testing System

Anti-blocking performance testing system is  stable and reliable performance.The Anti-blocking performance testing system produced by our company are of stable quality, with few failures and simple operation. If you want to inquire about the price of Anti-blocking performance testing system, you are welcome to contact us.

Anti-blocking performance testing system use:

Anti-blocking performance testing system is mainly used for anti-blocking performance test of Single wing labyrinth irrigation pipe.

Anti-blocking performance testing system characteristics:

This testing system has functions of automatic filling water, automatic feeding, automatic pressure adjustment, low water level protection, automatic cleaning, test of water recycling, etc. 
1、1#Every time mixing bowl configuration 500 L + 1.5 L muddy water for test with high precision liquid level meter to ensure the precise of configuration water
2、Automatic feeding system make sure users Configured Sediment copies for test one time. The whole progress feeding automatic, users do not need to feed again.
3、stirring system, The rational allocation of stirring speed to ensure mixing uniformity of testing muddy water.
4、2#water storage tank using Large capacity and low head circulating pump, the flow rate can reach more than 30 m3/h. Using more than one circulation pump to ensure the muddy water will not precipitation in the mixing tank.

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