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Ring stiffness testing machine product introduction

Ring stiffness testing machine product introduction

Ring stiffness testing machine is mainly used for tensile, compression, bending and other mechanical performance indicators of various metals, non-metals and composite materials, and ring stiffness, ring flexibility and flattening of various metal, non-metal and composite materials. Deflection level performance test. The sophisticated automatic control and data acquisition system enables full digital adjustment of the data acquisition and control process. In the test, technical indicators such as the maximum bearing tensile force, pressure, tensile strength, compressive strength, elongation deformation, elongation, etc. of the material and the technical indicators such as the ring stiffness, ring flexibility, flattening, and deflection level performance of the material are examined. . The above Ring stiffness testing machine detection parameters after the end of the test, the computer automatically calculated according to the test parameters set at the beginning of the test conditions, while displaying the corresponding test results, the test parameters can be displayed after the end of the test, can also be connected to the printer Printout.

1. With the remote control box, it can realize the quick/slow lifting adjustment of the beam, and the operation is flexible and can be switched freely.

2. With the function of returning to the initial position after the test, it is intelligent, efficient and fast.

3, with any working position limit protection and overload, over-current protection, reliable and safe.

4, build a strong test database, test data can be saved at any time, query, call

Ring stiffness testing machine

5, Ring stiffness testing machine can achieve constant rate force control, constant rate stress control, constant rate deformation control, constant speed strain control, constant rate stroke control, constant load control, constant speed control, constant speed displacement control low cycle Cycle control and user self programming control and other control methods.

6. A variety of test curves can be switched to display: stress-strain curve, force-deformation curve, force-displacement curve, force-time curve, deformation-time curve, displacement-time curve, force-strain curve. The test curve is partially enlarged and the curves are superimposed and compared.

Add attachments to perform tensile, compression, bending tests on other materials.
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