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Melt Flow Index Tester supplier

Melt Flow Index Tester Instrument consists of three main parts: host and random attachments and weights.
1. Melt Flow Index Tester The host is the center of the machine, also called the extrusion system consists of a temperature control system and a material cutting system.
Temperature control system: The instrument is controlled by a temperature control meter, which has the features of constant temperature speed and wide temperature control range.
    Temperature control table: by LED display. Function keys. Add number. Minus. Shift key composition:
    Function keys: Enter the function of the temperature meter system parameters.
    Addition key: The effect of adding the number when setting the temperature
Decrement key: The effect of subtraction when setting temperature
Melt Flow Index Tester
The temperature control table has the actual measurement display area and the set temperature area, and the set temperature area can achieve the temperature you need through the adjustment of "add count" and "decrement number". The measured area is the display of the instantaneous temperature, which is the temperature inside the barrel at that time.
Cutting system: This machine has two cutting modes: manual and time-controlled.
It is not necessary to open the chronograph switch when manually cutting the material, and cutting can be performed once for each pressing of the manual cutting switch.
In the time-controlled cutting, the first switch on the top left side of the instrument must be turned on, and the chronograph will display the cutting interval set last time. If you need to change, first press the “Bit Select” button in the timetable, press the “Bit Addition” button to set the number of digits you want to set, and then press the “Start” button to complete the setting. The timing of cutting interval is determined based on the melt flow rate of the tested raw materials (see Table 2 for details).
2, Melt Flow Index Tester Random attachments: from the barrel, piston, die, funnel, die cleaning rods, barrel cleaning rods and other components.
Barrel: The barrel is located in the cavity of the furnace and the material is alloy steel, which has high hardness and corrosion resistance.
Piston: Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the hardness is lower than the hardness of the inner wall of the barrel.
Die: Made of tungsten carbide, the outer diameter of the die is in clearance fit with the inner wall of the barrel.
Funnel: The funnel is a feeding device. The pre-prepared material is fed into the cylinder through the funnel.
Die cleaning rods: Each time the test is completed, the die must be cleaned with a die to clean the residual sample in the die.
Bar cleaning rods: Each time the test is completed, the cylinder should be cleaned with a cleaning rod. Outside the cleaning rod can be wrapped around a soft material such as gauze to clean the inner wall of the cartridge.
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