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Creeping Ratio Tester test parameter Settings

Creeping Ratio Tester test parameter Settings
The setting of test parameters includes the setting of inner diameter and the selection of extensometer, which can be set by the machine or the upper computer, and can be transmitted in two directions.
2.1 refer to the software operation manual for setting the upper computer.
2.2 Creeping Ratio Tester machine Settings
Creeping thewire after power on the Tester if the show ring stiffness test set interface, should press exit key switch to the creep rate set interface, status display parameters set at this time.
Creeping Ratio Tester interface box shown in the test limit and the bottom right hand corner, run, and communications of the state
Upper limit bit icon; The lower-level icon runs the icon. The icon is running at run time; Offline ICONS
Observe or modify the loading speed if necessary
Plastic valve bend seal test table
If the sample of this test and the sample of the previous test are of the same specification, this item may not be considered.
The setting of the Creeping Ratio Tester inner diameter
The setting light in the inner track is the input of incremental value.
 according to "please", "- >" can move the cursor around a choice for data input.
Enter the corresponding number key at the blinking position of the cursor, and the cursor will automatically move back the bit input. Enter other values in the same way until the inner diameter input is complete.
The choice of extension programs
1. After setting the inner diameter, press the cursor button to move the cursor to the extensometer option.

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