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Low-Temperature Thermostst

Low-Temperature Thermostst manufacturer china

XDK-25 low-temperature thermostat

Low-Temperature Thermostst Use:

Low-Temperature Thermostst  is used to freeze the test pieces at a constant temperature and work with the falling mass impact testing machine 

to make impact test.

Low-Temperature Thermostst Technical parameters: 
Constant temperature: 

                      XDK25: 0℃,10℃,25℃(±1℃) 
                      XDK25B: 0℃~-25℃(±1℃) 
                                        keep constant at any point 
                      XDK-10B: 0℃ -10℃±1℃ 
                                        keep constant at any point 
Internal dimensions:  

                      XDK25(B): 915x390x630mm 

                      XDK-10B: 1210x530x650mm 

Weight: 60kg,73kg 
Power supply: 220v±10%, 50Hz 


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