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Irrigation sprinkler water distribution testing system

SPGY irrigation sprinkler water distribution testing system

model selection guide:
This testing system needs larger test space. Scope of spraying, spraying form and the number of measurement point need to be confirmed according to user’s  site condition.

irrigation sprinkler water distribution testing system Application:

This instrument is mainly for agricultural irrigation sprinkler water distribution uniformity and sprinkler performance operation characteristics test.It can test intensity of sprinkler irrigation, water distribution uniformity coefficient (CDU), effective spraying diameter and range, and can draw water distribution curve as well.
GB/T 18687-2002、GB/T 19795.2-2005 、SL/T67.3-94

equipment structure:
The whole equipment is divided into five parts, master control center, the rainfall collection system, pressure and flow measurement systems and computer software.

irrigation sprinkler water distribution testing system characteristic:

1、The whole equipment basically use stainless steel and other antirust materials for mechanical structure.  By using portable water measurement unit,       rainfall collection system could decorate according to different type of sprinkler test requirements. 
2、Control system uses PLC industrial control, measurement sampling with high precision AD conversion chip to ensure superior system processing speed,       stable performance, high precision measurement and good anti-jamming capability. The junctions between the units adopt waterproof connectors to            ensure the security of the system.
3、Rainfall collection system consists of multiple mobile sets water measurement unit. Various portable water measuring unit connected through the serial       data communication bus and send the data to master control center for processing in real time 
4、This system is composed of pressure measurement device and flow measurement device. It is used to measure the test system pressure and total flow       when sprinkler work. Measuring value sent to the computer software for processing through the serial data bus in real-time.
5、Computer software and data processing use the intuitive graphical man-machine interface operation, so every user’s operation instruction execution can      display to the user interface in real-time.  Using highly intelligent design for controlling, users can complete the entire test themselves by user settings, and      prompt function of fault self-diagnosis.
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