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Frictional coefficient tester

Frictional coefficient tester supplier china

Frictional coefficient testing Instrument

Frictional coefficient tester Use:

The frictional coefficient testing instrument is used for testing the static and dynamic frictional coefficient of the plastic film and the sheet when slipping.
It's ideal testing instrument for factories, mines, science research department and universities.
It accords with ISO8295-1986 standard.

Frictional coefficient tester Technical parameters:

1. Test force resolution:0.0001N
2. Test force accuracy:±1%
3. Speed: 100mm/min ±1%
4. Power supply: 220V±10% 5A 50Hz
5. Max power: 50W
6. Weight of the sliding block: 200±2g
7. Environment request : no strong electromagnetic field, no jarring, and no corrosive gas.
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