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Differential Scanning Calorimeter

ZS-DSC differential scanning calorimeter 

Differential Scanning Calorimeter Features: 

1. It accords with ISO/CD11357/6 and adopts two digital mass flow-meters and software to control air way switch and flow rate controlled by computer. 


2. Adopt intelligent temperature control system and data acquisition system with high resolution(24-bit) A/D converter 


3. With high-resolution and low-drift microvolt amplifier, it can be operated easily and avoid panel 


4. with light stove; 


5. PT 100 platinum resistor is used for measuring and controlling temperature with long constant temperature accuracy within 0.1℃ 


6. The software is available in Windows 2000/XP operation system, there are oxidizes induced time software and some other professional thermal analysis softwares, it can mark and verify the temperature automatically, and can show curves, print the result 


7. Multiple measure range can shift automatically, and it can enlarge or narrow the curve, change measure range.


Differential Scanning Calorimeter Main technical parameters: 

1. Measurement range for Oxidation Induction Time: ±10、±20、±50、±100、±160、±200mW


2. Temperature range:Common working temperature: ambient temperature~450℃    maximum : 500℃ 


3. Program temperature control rate: 0.1~99.9℃ min 


4. Heating rate: 0.1~30℃ 


5. About air: Type: N2, O2 


6. Flow rate: ≤100ml min 


7.Crucible: made of Aluminium with the diameter of 6.7mm

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