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Anti-dripping Progerty Tester

Anti-dripping Progerty Tester

FDP Anti-dripping progerty testing instrument (EVA)


Anti-dripping Progerty Tester Use:

The instrument is used for testing the main material of Polyethylene blown covering film and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer(EVA),the average content of Vinyl Acetate(VA)is not less than 4% of the anti-dripping progerty blown covering film within add-type. This instrument is mainly testing the first dripping beginning time and the anti-dripping failure time of the film. 
It is the ideal testing equipment for science research department, universities, commodity inspection, laboratory, 
graduate school and quality supervision departments

Anti-dripping Progerty Tester Technical parameters

Power supply:AC 220V,15A,3KW;
Control temperature accuracy:less than 1℃
Temperature adjust range:room temperature~80℃;
Constant temperature water tank caliber: 300mm;
Film gradient angle:10°,15°,20°
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